[readolog_dropcap ]I[/readolog_dropcap]n the weeks leading up to our wedding day, people were constantly telling Elissa, my now wife, and I how fast the day was going to fly by.

Cherish every moment, they said. Take a step back and appreciate the day, we were told.

It was all common sense, I thought. Of course we were going to appreciate every moment of our big day, and no way were we going to let the biggest day of our lives escape us in one big fleeting moment.

But it did.

Looking back nearly four months later, it feels as if I spent the entire day racing: Rushing to get her car to the hotel where we were staying after, hurrying out of Buffalo Wild Wings after my last bachelor meal to race to the wedding venue to get ready, only to be rushed once there to suit up and get outside because my bride wanted to push the wedding up before a big band of afternoon storms hit.

Before I knew it, it was 4:30 in the afternoon—the time our wedding was supposed to start—and my groomsmen and I were stuck waiting in the groom’s quarters as a thunderstorm poured down. (Interesting fact: A tornado touched down 10 miles away from our venue during the ceremony.) Unlike the skies, it was clear our outside wedding wasn’t going to happen, so we waited as the chairs and guests moved inside a big barn built for such wet moments. Elissa and I still joke about how no matter how much planning you put into your wedding, something—many things—are going to go wrong. You both just have to be prepared to take what the day gives you and not let it ruin the day.

My last moment of calmness, if you can call it that, was spent waiting out the storm. Then came our wedding coordinator telling us it was time. The following hours are a big blur of trying to hold back tears, saying I dos, taking pictures and video, trying to meet with friends and family who traveled across the country, and celebrating the fresh moments of our new life together.

There was a rare moment Elissa and I got that instant to step back and overlook our wedding and enjoy the months she spent tirelessly working to build this special day. It was as if, right then, time actually stood still and we could finally take a breath and cherish our surroundings.

It was short lived, of course.

There’s a guest who wants to say hi. The photographer needs us both for a photo. The DJ wants to know if we’re ready to cut the cake.

Then, before either of us could fully take in our big day, it was over.

We walked out into a crowd filling the air with sparklers and into the back of a car ready to take us off to begin our new life.

Our big day had flown by.

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