Hi again, Little One,

Your mom and I got BIG news today!

No longer are we left wondering if you’re a boy or girl, because the ultrasound showed us YOU’RE A GIRL!

We got to see your little arms and legs, your tiny hands and feet, your head, your eyes, even you opening your mouth!

You’ve grown so much since your mom and I last saw you at 10 weeks. Back then, you were just sprouting little arms and legs. This time, you were hiding your face from the doctor with your arms. The doctor tapped and tapped on your mom’s belly to get you to move your hands, but you just wouldn’t do it.

You’ve definitely get your stubbornness from me and your mom.

Mom says you have her nose. I think you have my long legs.

The doctor says you’re growing perfectly and are in the 67th percentile at your age, which she said was great.

I’m in awe of how much you’ve grown in 10 short weeks.

Now that we know you’re a girl, your mom is sitting here on the couch planning out your nursery and how’s she’s going to design it. That’s one thing you’ll learn about your mom, she’s a helluva designer. (Remind me to show you our wedding photos.)

We’ve got less than five months to get everything ready.

Until then, you let us handle all that and you keep growing into a healthy human being.

Love you, Little Girl!