Forgotten Children recognized

The award recognizes excellence in medical and health reporting in Harris County.

The best advice my dad ever gave me about being a father

My dad has offered up a lot of advice through the years. Word hard. Don’t be a dumbass. You’re flat at...

In the midst of rebuilding after Harvey, the Astros gave them every reason to smile

The Gallagher family saw four feet of water flood their Friendswood home. The Houston Astros gave them hope and happiness as the began to rebuild.

Emery: 6 months

My little girl is 6 months old now (WHY!!?!?!), so let's check in and see how she's doing.

He’s 90, she’s 71, and Hurricane Harvey destroyed everything they own

Nearly five feet of water filled their home, ruining all it touched. Now they're left with one question: How do you rebuild when you're left with nothing?

When the floodwaters recede

Residents in a small Montgomery County neighborhood were forced out of their homes and into tents—next to large piles of flooded debris that house rodents, roaches and mosquitoes—with little left to their names

She worked six straight days in the NICU during Harvey, then she went into labor

For six days, Jessie Dolan knew one speed: hyper drive.

‘Mr. JJ Watt’: A letter from a first responder

On the outskirts of northeast Harris County, Hurricane Harvey floodwaters rose rapidly and moved swiftly, forcing first responders to act quickly.

The story behind this heartwarming Hurricane Harvey photo

[[Editor’s note: This story originally ran on on Sept. 6, 2017]] KINGWOOD, Texas – After four days of being cooped up inside...

Guitarist rocks Star-Spangled Banner in Cypress neighborhood

[[Editor’s note: This story ran on on Sept. 3, 2017.]] CYPRESS, Texas – Loren Jay Gough had just about had enough of the...