Defying Gravity

Brenham High School pole vaulter Garrett Larson has one goal before graduation: Become the best vaulter in school history.

Before Sun’s Wake

Peace entered the world, and then it was destroyed.

Words of Wisdom: Gary Smith

If there’s one thing you need to know about Gary Smith, he’s the greatest magazine writer that ever lived – winner...

Cubs’ Taylor sets his sights on 47-foot leap

One triple-jumpers goal to jump 47 feet.

The Miracle Man

Burton catcher Christopher Langley returns to the diamond just months after life-threatening car crash.

Lee picks up first conference win vs. Blinn

[Editor’s Note: This story first ran in the Brenham Banner-Press on Jan. 13, 2011.] The Blinn P.E. Building was eerily quiet...


State title the culmination of a long road for Will Antkowiak.

The Weight of Water

The torn branches of elder trees reveal scars as they slouch in old age. The same branches, which shade river travelers...