Crossing the one-year milestone

Hi, Little Girl, Today is a big day for your mom and me. Today we celebrate our one-year anniversary of marriage....


We got BIG news today!

Giving thanks: For family, work and a phone call that changed everything

A phone call in mid-August changed my life. And for that I'm most thankful.

Like the fluttering of hummingbird wings

14 weeks: We heard the baby's heartbeat!

Our little one has hands and feet now

10.5 weeks: Our little one waved!

I met my little peanut today

Holy shit Elissa and I are going to be parents.

The first time I met Cowboys QB Tony Romo

The first time I met Tony Romo I had no idea who he was.

A Poop Story (or Lack Thereof)

Sometimes you've just got to push it out.

The final out: A farewell to Larry Bowen

One of sports writing's best steps away from the field lights after more than three decades.