• Matt Keyser

Award-winning writer // Amateur photographer
Fan fan of the 3 Bs: beer, baseball & Batman

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Adobe InDesign/Photoshop
Editing/AP Style
Homemade Guacamole
09/16 - Present
KHOU 11 News
Digital Investigative Reporter
09/14 - 09/16
KHOU 11 News
Digital Content Producer
12/13 - 08/14
Ace In The Cup
09/10 - 08/13
Brenham Banner-Press
Sports Reporter/Editor
02/08 - 08/12
The Dallas Morning News
Freelance Writer
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The Suicide Pill

After his life crumbled, one man turned to extreme measures.

Heed the Warnings

A government experiment has gone terribly wrong.

Where the Darkness Rules

What happens when we die?

Grandma Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

It's time for Dorothy, best known for her journey along the Yellow Brick Road, to pass her ruby slippers on

Humanity Lost

Will there be anyone left to mourn our passing when humanity is lost?

My wife and I just crossed the six-month milestone

I'm thankful every day she's by my side and puts up with my shenanigans

  • #DadBlog

I met my little peanut today

Holy shit Elissa and I are going to be parents.