Hi, Little One,

Your mom and I saw you again today. We can’t believe you’re already 10 ½ weeks along.

It’s crazy how much you’ve grown in the past two weeks since your last checkup. One thing is for sure is that your body has grown more proportionate to your head (I was beginning to worry you might be an alien). Most importantly, though, the doctor said you’re completely healthy, even though I was worried your little heartbeat was beating too fast. But doc says that 155 beats per minute are good. Doc even said that next time we should be able to hear your heartbeat, but that’s another four weeks away.

You’ve grown little spuds of hands and feet this time. We had to look really closely during the ultrasound, but sure enough, there they were. We even got to see you moving around a little more this time—you even waved at us a couple times (should have caught it on video but didn’t #dadfail). Just like the first time I saw you, I had to choke back tears again.

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We still don’t know whether you’re a boy or a girl, but that’s OK. Whatever you decide is totally OK with your mom and I.

It’s hard to believe you’re really in there, because you’re definitely not showing at all.

Your mom is handling the pregnancy really well. She’s a little cranky at times—she has to put up with me, so that’s understandable—but hasn’t experienced much out of the ordinary that’s she’s told me. She is tired a lot and likes to sleep, but that’s normal for her. She’s still got her appetite, which is good because I still love to cook.

Keep growing, Little One. Your mom and I and Abbott and Mila—you’re going to love them—are eagerly awaiting for you to join our family.

Love you.