I’ve known since the day I wrote my first short story in second grade, My Talking House, that I wanted to write a book.

I was so excited when I finished that story—terrible illustrations and all—I rushed downstairs to my mom’s bedroom and demand she read it immediately. It was a masterpiece, after all, or so I thought.

That rush of adrenaline has carried me through English and creative writing classes in middle and high school, into journalism in college and to this day as a journalist and writer.

The days have since long passed when I wrote My Talking House as an inspired 6-year-old full of imagination. Now, at 27, I’m stoked to announce my first book, ‘Till Death, is in the works.

I feel that familiar rush of adrenaline through my body once more as I type this. Once again I’m back in the moment I dotted the last period in My Talking House, jumped out of my chair and rushed downstairs, excited to tell everyone and demand you all read it right now, damn it!

What’s it about?

‘Till Death takes a raw, emotional, uncut look into making marriage last—through the good, bad and all times in between.

How’d you get that idea?

When my now-wife, Elissa, and I were engaged, especially in the beginning, everyone was offering us marriage advice: how to keep each other happy, what’s worked for them. It was happening so frequently and couples were so willing to share their stories I knew it would make a great book.

This isn’t going to be a boring how-to book that lists the steps to an everlasting marriage, is it?

Hardly. The stories told and lessons shared will be straight from married couples, whether they’ve been married a day or 100 years, who are working to keep their marriage alive and healthy every day.

Thank god! So, when’s ‘Till Death going to be published?

Feb. 3, 2017.

Can I preorder my copy?

Not quite yet. But you can subscribe to the mailing list here and I’ll be sure to let you know when preorders are available.

My spouse and I would like to be featured in the book.

Great! Shoot me an email here with some information about your marriage. It doesn’t have to be a novel, just a bit about you two. I’ll be in touch.

Are you nervous?

As hell.

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