Editor’s Note: This short story was based off a writing prompt in r/writingprompts.

A young blonde girl walks down a crowded sidewalk, attention glued to her phone, where her thumbs tap rapidly at the screen. Her friend, a tall brunette, walks slowly behind, not as coordinated as her blonde friend, but enough to keep up.

The two ignore the bodies that line the side of the street, just a step off the sidewalk, all of which are in various stages of decaying into the gutters.

The girls reach a crosswalk and stop. The blonde girl takes a brief moment and looks down at a one of the dead bodies just as two small flies enter its open mouth.

“Awww….” she says, holding up a photo on her phone to her brunette friend. “Emily’s dress today is so skanktastic.”

She returns her attention to her phone and steps on a corpse’s face as she begins to cross the street, tapping away at her phone once more.