There’s so much I’m thankful for in the last year of my life.

For Elissa and I making it through our first year of marriage as happy as ever. For buying our first home—a dream home for our early life. For my new job at KHOU that gives me the opportunity to cover the fourth-largest city in the nation that holds such an array of great stories.

But it’s family I’m most thankful for this holiday season. Most notably that Elissa and I are welcoming a new member to our young family. Our little girl is expected to arrive in late April.

I didn’t believe the news when Elissa called me a mid-August evening to say her pregnancy test came back positive. I was certain there was an error. So I left work early and met her to buy four more tests just to be sure.

When three of the four came back positive—one was inconclusive because she said she didn’t pee on it enough—I still had my doubts.

How were we having a kid? It’s not that we were actively trying. Then again, we weren’t actively preventing, either.

It wasn’t until weeks later at our first doctor’s appointment that an ultrasound showed a fluttering heartbeat and—sure enough—a little human growing inside.


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In the weeks since, I’ve felt a series of emotions: ranging from excitement, wonder and fear.

Excitement to have a child of our own.

Wonder of what she will become.

Fear that I’m going to fail as a parent.

How can you be good at something at which you’ve never done before?

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I feel as if I’m preparing to step up to the first tee box but I’ve never swung a golf club before, because there’s so much I don’t know, and how am I ever going to teach another human being all there is to know about the world.

How do you teach a child respect and humility, to be thankful, and all things that encompass being a good person? How do you teach to love equally, to laugh when life comes with its worst, to be strong when it’s easier to cower in fear?

(And what happens when Baby Keyser reaches fifth grade math and asks me to help with her homework? OH GOD THE HORROR! Kid is gonna know where a comma goes, though!)

Baby Keyser still has five months to go and I already want to protect her from the horrors of the world and to show her all the good there is.

There’s so much I’m thankful for.

That phone call in mid-August that changed my life is at the top of my list.