… I really like sweet potatoes. They’re my favorite food—more than apples, pears, or bananas.

… The only thing I like more than sweet potatoes is sleep. I really love sleep. I’ll sleep 12 hours at night if Mom and Dad let me!

… If they wake me up earlier, though, they better have a bottle ready for me or I’ll let them hear it.

… I like to call Sundays “Snoozin’ Sundays,” cause all I want to do is relax and snooze with Mom and Dad. Oh, and the puppies.

… The puppies are my best friends. I really like when Abbott licks my hands. Mila likes to lick my mouth and ears. I find that a little weird. She always does it when I’m rolling around on my bedroom floor.

… I don’t have crawling down quite yet, but I like to roll across the floor. Dad says I’m days away from actually crawling. I’ll be the judge of that, Dad.

… I do this one funny thing where I’ll shriek really loud and get on Dad’s nerves. He acts like he doesn’t like it, but I see him smile.

… I don’t always shriek. Sometimes I try to talk to Mom and Dad, but they never know what I’m saying. It’s frustrating. Like sometimes I want a big bowl of oatmeal and apples, but they’ll give me mushy, flavorless green beans. Yuk! What’s up with that?

… Have I mentioned how much I love sweet potatoes and sleep?!

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… Mom and Dad took me to a pumpkin patch by our house the other day and it was weird. I didn’t really know what was going on and I tried to eat a pumpkin, but it didn’t taste very good. Note to future Emery: Don’t try that again.

… Dad has a rule he tells me all the time: Save the poopy diapers for day care.

… Most of the time I listen, but sometimes I like to surprise him.

… Like the other day after he picked me up from day care, he was carrying me around the house and we were talking about my day when I unleashed a monster. Dad said it was the biggest, stinkiest poop ever. I laughed the entire time.

… I’m a funny girl.

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