The Culprits


Lover of good food and wine.

My dogs are probably better than yours.

The one who’s gonna run this family right.


Storyteller with a love for beautifully crafted sentences.

Fan of the three Bs: beer, baseball, & Batman.

Hoping I won’t¬†screw this parenting thing up.


A deadly mistake: Kids, hot cars, and parents who forget

Since 1990, more than 800 children have died in a hot car in the U.S. as a result of being forgotten

Piecing together the nursery

It didn't just come together overnight

Worst. Dog Parent. Ever.

How am I ever going to raise a kid?!

Your mom is a creeper

Don't hold it against her, okay?

Little Emery’s baby shower

Please ignore these awkward photos

How I Met Your Mother

I was in a weird place in my life.

The crib extravaganza

This should be easy, right?!