We live in an era where divorce feels as common as marriage.

An era where cheating and sex are glorified; where temptation lives on every Internet page, billboard, magazine spread, and T.V. show; where, rather than hold true to ‘till death do us part, couples divorce and move on with life in different directions.

But what about the couples who make it last?

  • What’s the best part of marriage?
  • What’s the secret to making marriage work?
  • How do you make it through the trying times?

Introducing: ‘Till Death, a raw, emotional, uncut look into marriage.

Whether you and your partner have been married a day or 75 years, I’d love to sit down with you both to share your story for my new book.

If you or a couple you know want to be featured, or if you have any questions, email me here.

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