Our little one has hands and feet now

10.5 weeks: Our little one waved!

I met my little peanut today

Holy shit Elissa and I are going to be parents.

The first time I met Cowboys QB Tony Romo

The first time I met Tony Romo I had no idea who he was.

Transparency: A four-month investigation into HPD’s body-camera program

Houston police and politicos touted body cameras as the blueprint for transparency. But a KHOU investigation reveals this transparency is more of a city-hall buzzword than benchmark for the truth.

A Poop Story (or Lack Thereof)

Sometimes you've just got to push it out.

The final out: A farewell to Larry Bowen

One of sports writing's best steps away from the field lights after more than three decades.

I’ve been called up to the big leagues

Now where did I put my Investigating 101 book?!?

Forgotten Children

Texas leads the nation in hot car deaths with more than 110 cases since 1990, including five this year alone