1. Sorry, fellas


2. Some things are worth the wait

3. May the most stubborn win

4. Swipe right if you love doing dishes!

5. Tupperware is tricky, OK?


Wedding Ring

Introducing ‘Till DeathA raw, emotional, uncut look into marriage


6. One plate of buttered sawdust comin’ up!

7. Choose wisely

8. Work and chores make husband and wife a dull couple

9. Talk about a shitty situation

10. Fra-gee-lay!

11. “Here’s my credit card, honey”

12. You’ve been voted to the couch

13. Happy wife, happy life

14. Life in the wife lane

15. Crazy in love


Beautiful wedding couple is enjoying wedding

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16. Must have been in the fine print

17. You bought what?!

18. Uncle Sam now pronounces you man & wife

19. Just wait ’till he starts snoring


20. Just be sure to clean up the mess 😉

21. For life

22. It’s the little things


23. Remember to hold hands as you leave the house

24. Accompanied by dozens of smooches

25. Too many forced cuddles, probably


26. Work hard, play hard

27. Be a rock for one another

28. Truth


29. ‘Till death do you part

My first book‘Till Death, takes a raw, emotional, uncut look into what it takes to maintain a successful marriage, through the good times and bad and all times in between, as told by married couples.

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